About Us

Hey there….welcome to KitchenLily!

Meet Eve…(yes, that’s me ?)

My mom told me a story about myself…that when I was little, all my toys were about cooking. They’re all I wanted. Nothing else. I’d keep busy with my toys as other kids played all over the yard.

Fast-forward, years later, those toys are a reality. My kitchen is my playground now. I have profound passion for cooking and food handling, and I’m grateful I can pursue this talent and share it with you, with the world, right here at Kitchen Lily.

At first, I went to culinary school to become a chef, and at the end of my college adventures, I ended up having studied with keen interest the professions of food service, pastry and baking, and above all, culinary science. Out of these, I started a business in hospitality and food management.

But that’s not all…

Here at KitchenLily.com, I share the great stories and tips of my kitchen adventures from experience and study.

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